Tuesday, May 03, 2011

MO Windy

Had a good bite today up here on the Missouri, but it was pretty windy which made it hard to really get everything right in terms of weight and bugs. But, we ended up finding plenty of fish that were eating well enough. Mostly worms and some fish on the pinkies and what not - actually got pretty solid action on a purple Juju Baetis (think that's what its called).

Tons of midges on the water all day and the BWO's wanted to come off pretty heavy this afternoon but the wind was 30+ so they weren't on the water very long. The Dearborn was clear this am and had a little bit of that milky green color to it by the end of the day. Stickney was dirty this morning and afternoon but the main river is in great shape for the time being. FWP is shocking again tonight from WC to Craig.

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Lefty said...


It wasn't windy, it was a gale. Big hungry fish, just as you predicted.

Thanks for staying out there. It was a great trip!!