Friday, July 15, 2011

Appreciation of the Surroundings

I had a feeling that the well would be dry today - that's just how it goes if you go back today for the glory of yesterday. Especially Salmonflies.

We were early, but so was everyone else. Had an inconsistent bite of small fish and a few nice fish on or looking. Maybe it was the full moon. Maybe, it was the fact that every fish sitting on the bank that wanted eat a dry fly the last 4 days has had his face ripped off. Either one is plausible.

However, it was not the worst day I've ever had on the upper Madison and the weather was beautiful. Nothing like looking out on the Madison valley and watching the shadows and light race across the stark landscape left by glaciers of eons past. Great folks, a few fish, and a spectacular day to not be sitting in a cubicle trying to sell spark plugs to an auto parts store in Fargo.

Other interesting tidbits...a pack of yearling steers came running at us while eating lunch, saw two fish police rigs but never got checked, there were well over 100 boats between Lyon's and Story today, Mama Macs will substitute Carrot Cake for a cookie, floaters are out on the lower, there is a drift boat jammed (not mine!) on the upstream side of the Sun West Bridge (stay left).

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missouri tom said...

well said. however, i think you mean surroUndings....maybe the blog.