Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spring Creekers

Just wrapped a up a few days with some longtime clients of ours. 2 days on the upper and one on the MZ Ranch that we had booked as a backup in case the water was still crap. As it turns out, we should've probably stuck with the Madison, but the creeks fished well enough today so we had a good time.

I always end up fishing Thompson Creek on the MZ. It's smaller than Ben Hart and probably a little harder as the water seems to always be a little clearer and the fish are spooky as hell.

We hooked up a small bow first thing and had 2 20" plus browns chasing it all over the place. One finally got the little fish and we played it a few seconds before he let go of the fish. It was honestly...crazy shit going on far a few seconds! Both of those big fish were chasing that poor little dinker around. Another couple of seconds and I could've net the fish.

Ended up getting a few fish and losing a few the rest of the day on the creek. Nice PMD hatch that brought some fish up for most of the afternoon. I nearly lost my mind on one fish that we worked for a FEW hours. I think we got it to eat twice, but the indicator never moved so we never struck. I went through a very nice selection of flies on that fish but he kept coming over to a Micro Mayfly. We just never got him but he ate well all day...never did spook off.

Back to the Murdison tomorrow and probably the next few days. May try to get off the grid for a day somewhere in between.

Other than the cannibalism, really nothing significantly tidbit worthy...other than my poison ivy is no longer oozy, but it still itches.

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