Sunday, July 17, 2011

A day in the life...

 Headed to Lyon's today as the forecast was for wind and we've continued to have some dry fly fishing up there. Boat ramp was a debacle. People backing up that literally could not back up 2 feet with out jack-knifing their trailer. The a couple of guys accidentally tried to take out the bridge piling with their skiff. Piling won.

The fishing was ok but it was really windy and the fish were doing that slow rise and then bite at the last second thing. I did best with a pink hopper, think they are tried of eating yellow and orange stuff but still want to eat big dries. It was really too windy for us to commit to nymphing, another one of my guides did nymph all day and did pretty well up there.

So, the boat on the bridge thing. Guys made a mistake and got wedged on the upside of Lyon's. I saw it happening and thought we were going to be dealing with a dead guy. Luckily the boat stuck to the bridge and he had time to get his life jacket on and crawl up the gunnel. A group of folks tied a rope from the boat to the bridge, he swam to the bank. I took my boat to the downside of the piling and walked up, removed his anchor, changed the tie in point. They pulled and I pushed and we got the boat of the bridge.

The bitch of mine was that there were 20 guides at the boat ramp and I was the only one that tried to help this guy. So, if you are a guide from West Yellowstone and saw this are a DB. This was a potentially very dangerous situation and I was very disappointed in the lack of concern that my fellow brethren showed. Guides sink boats every once in awhile, so most of us have a little bit of an idea of what to do.
Anyway, just another day in paradise.

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