Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day in Paradise

Spent the day on the MZ Ranch, pretty much just fished Thompson Creek all day. PMD's going strong enough to bring up some rising fish from 10-2. The fish were spooky spooky spooky, couldn't even get a little beadhead in on them but we did get a few to eat dries.

Saw a huge fish today, in the 26+ range and several of the 22-24 inchers as well. All the big fish were not eating...or were probably digesting rainbows from last night.

Forgot my memory card for the camera. Left my lights on in the morning so had a dead battery at noon - folks at ranch gave me a jump. Lost my keys in the afternoon...they were on my tire. Had 6 fly boxes with me but not a PMD to be found so had to go back to my car and dig through all my boxes in order to find 2 compartments with PMD's.

Ate 6 volcano tacos from Taco Bell for lunch and something from Burger King for breakfast. Posion Ivy itches.

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Anonymous said...

Man, if it weren't for bad luck... you wouldn't have any luck at all.