Tuesday, July 05, 2011


We are right in the middle of the big mud, but it should be tapering off soon. I'm thinking we'll be having good fishing on the Madison in 4-5 days from now. At this stage - that is not the case. I'll be heading back up to the Missouri on Thursday and Friday, then we get real serious middle of next week.

 Spent the 4th down in Ennis with the family, doing the parade, rodeo, and fireworks festivities last night in Virgina City. Great day with my family. Watching the rodeo guys made me feel like my job mabye isn't so hard after all!

Touring Yellowstone tomorrow with family.

Supposed to be working but had a last minute cancellation. Cancellations, especially short notice are very difficult to deal with...so don't cancel your trip as I can't give you any money back and we'll probably have better fishing than you would think. The bite can always be tough, we work very hard to get our folks out on good water though, so don't think that we're just going to float you down some muddy river...we have plan B-M on reserve and if there's good water...we'll find it.

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