Sunday, September 25, 2011

And another

Had a rare day off the water and out of the shop today. Watched my son play soccer and was glad to not be rowing a boat when the wind picked up this afternoon. Also, got annihilated in my Fantasy do Rivers, Turner, Greene, McCluster, Clark, and Burlenson combine for like 25 points? My highest scorer was the kicker for the Texans.

Plan on being in the shop most of the week working on preseasons and looking at our sales for the year. This summer was the busiest we've ever had both in terms of sales and trips and will wonder what could've been if we had good conditions and weather in May and June.

The weather has been insane the last week and not quite sure what to make of it, think the fish are in the same boat. Just when they start getting excited about Pseudos and BWO's, it's back to hoppers and ants. I'm ready for some fall like weather, just not snow...not yet anyway.

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