Saturday, September 24, 2011


Another Indian summer day here in SW Montana has come and gone. Think it's supposed to be like this for awhile though, probably should try fishing hoppers again but it's fall...damn it.

Fished Valley Garden to ELake today and found it slow for the most part with the occasional bucket holding some fish on the eat. Tis the time of year though that more and more fish tend to move in there so chances are I'll be back sooner rather than later

My disdain for the pontoon boat crowd was once again reinforced. Nothing personal against them but folks just don't seem to have brains when using them. Why do the uber pontoon crowds dudes have to park their truck right up to the boat ramp, unload everything on the ramp, get rigged, move their truck, and then go? Isn't the whole idea to be self sufficient and highly mobile? Few things in the water world are more irritating than boat ramp slugs. Get in, get out. No need to primp on the ramp. I want to be on their side but it's just been too painful for too long. One bad apple....

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