Sunday, September 04, 2011

Labor Day Sunday

We've had a messed up scheduling scenario for the last and next few days which has made for some unexpected free time on my end for the next few days. Kind of sucks as I had an invite to go do some bird hunting at an uber cool place with PRO Outfitters and some Orvis folks. Had to turn it down a month ago as I was supposed to be working. But, alas I have a a few days off and am looking forward to it.

Floated down low on the stone today with the family, and about 30 other families too. Lots of folks turned out for the Reedpoint Sheep Drive this weekend. Anyway, had a nice day with a so so bite on hoppers, they liked it better twitched than drifted today. Sometimes they definitely like those hoppers moving. Other thing was that there were bugs out, like PMD's or those little yellow drakes that we see in the early fall. I hadn't seen any real bugs in so long I was kind of dumbfounded by their presence and felt like we probably could've gotten the fish better if we nymphed, but my wife likes dries so I don't push it too much.

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