Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not Bad

One of the beauties of being a fishing guide is the degree to which generalities are acceptable. Personally , I thrive on the use of descriptions like "not bad, "ok",  "sort of", "almost", "possibly", and "probably". Pin me down to make a statement that implies commitment and the closest you're likely to get is "I think so."

So, on the upper again today and the fishing was "not bad." If you didn't know me or are just stumbling upon this might think that means "good." However, if you do follow this a bit and know how I feel about the upper...than you are safe to assume that "not bad" is closer to "ok" than "shit", but still a long way from "awesome." Trying to decide if you should go up there or' not bad is as close as I can get in terms of a recommendation.

Want something useful? Shit on dries today. Shit morning. Little bugs after lunch, some small fish and a few decent ones. Very streaky.  By little bugs, I mean a SH pheasant tail and a little green machine (both 18's) on 5x 4 feet below the bobber. A #1 Dinsmore about 10" above the first fly (dropper tied off the eye). Later in the day, had a good grab going for awhile on pearl zonkers with a silver lightning bug (18). Nymphed the slots more so than the pockets and it worked well enough to make the day a "not bad" day in the end. Pretty good relative to some days, in my opinion, I think.

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