Wednesday, October 05, 2011


The season is winding down and a long with that will be a wind down on the blog for awhile. I'll still update it a few times a week, but my daily discipline will probably be less consistent than it has for awhile. I enjoy the blog and know that quite a few others enjoy reading it so it's not going away anytime soon...I just don't think I can keep it up at the pace it's been going. I have a lot of gobbly goop in my brain and this has worked well as an outlet over the years. I wonder how much money my parents could have saved on shrink fees if only blogging was around back in the day!

Fished the stone today with Steven and John down low. Day was mostly, partly sunny, with the clouds settling in late afternoon. So, same old story as it seemed more like hopper weather than streamer weather but we mostly fished nymphs and found some trout and lots of honkies. But, the weather is now here and things should get streamerlicous very soon. Plan on working it hard tomorrow and maybe look for some heads along the way. We'll see what the wind man brings us to determine the game plan....but hoping to find some chasers in the am.

Steven caught a rainbow today that had some type of nylon netting material around the fish,. At first glance it looked like partt of somebodies net, but it may have been a type of gill net someone was using in the river.  The material had actually cut well into the fish and had been there awhile as the wound was starting to heal around the net. The cut on the fish looked very similar to that of what sometimes happens to a whitefish when other people foul hook them in the gut and then rip them across the current, only there was netting hanging out. Never seen that before and I've seen come crazy shit! One winter, I caught 2 rainbows on the Missouri by the swivel of a bait hook that they had swallowed. But never seen netting growing out of a fish.

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