Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heads Up

Have no idea what the flows are doing on the lower right now...should look at my Fishhead App for that. Water was in good shape on the lower today, the bite was so so. Had the opportunities to have a respectable day and I even felt like I knew what I was doing at time. Had some angler issues that made for bad hook sets, bad drifts, but a good attitude. So, we ended up getting a few, losing a few, and missing a bunch. Caddis popped good around 2:00 pm and found some fish in a few places but a reach mend 30 feet across the wind proved more challenging to execute than instruct.

We ran our own shuttle, so my client headed home when we were done, which happened to coincide with the arrival of an afternoon thuderboomer. With an hour or two free, I decided to head back up to where I saw those fish rising earlier. Made a few casts, got some fish to come up and I even caught a bunch of them.

Was one of those days when the client is a great guy, having a great time, but struggling with fishing outside their comfort level. He was a good angler, but hadn't done much boat fishing or heavy nymphing. We had a great time though and both learned a few things. I really like fishing, but I think I enjoy guiding more than fishing.

So, if the flows remain stable or go down and the water stays in this shape...they are officially now on the Caddis, so

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