Thursday, May 10, 2012


. Another day in paradise has come and gone. There were several significant moments today not the least of which was the first day in the glitter sparkles. Had some wind, ok, a lot of wind but we sorted it out and got on the fish pretty well from late morning on.
. One of the amazing things about fishing is how it takes over all of me when I\'m on the water. I guess that\'s probably a big part of it for everyone so I\'m not unites there. I\'ve been stressed out the last few months but really had no idea how bad it\'s been until I spend a few days on the water and feel a zillion times more focused and less worried. Who knew that such a simple game with a silly fish could be so transformational to ones psyche?
Oh, I almost lost it there and went into the nether lands of my brain! Bottom line is that it\'s the people, challenges, and mystery that make it so enjoyable; but it\'s the trout that bring all of it together. Little nymphs fished in shallow water with no weight kind of helped us complete that circle today.

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