Thursday, July 19, 2012


Upper Madison day..."miles and miles of nothingness" is how I like to describe most of my days on the upper did not disappoint! Found a few fish, mostly dinks and whities out in the middle eating little nymphs but a sharp contrast to the last 2 times I've been up there recently. Switched bugs, weights, lengths and on and on but never got on them very well for very long. Saw a lots of Spruce Moths, gave that a little bit of a shot with no luck too.
I was having some wonderful thoughts to myself and my love for that river while floating down it today. The term I settled upon was a rock-filled cesspool that...much like shit...rolls downhill. However, we did have a great day out on the water, the weather was great, and the air was crisp and clear which made for some beautiful views of the Madison Range.

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