Friday, July 20, 2012


Another wonderful day to be alive and well here in Southwest Montana. Much better fishing today always makes yesterday not seem so bad. Fishing the next couple of days with one of my longtime clients that seems to have been with me for every type of drama imaginable through the years. From my divorce through dating through a new kid, braved some lightning storms, caught the Salmonfly hatch right one year, talked me through a serious nic fit last year, and we floated through one of the worst mosquito infestations I've ever witnessed in my life. We've got big fish, whitefish, tagged fish, goldeyes, forgotten shuttle calls, misplaced lunches and more. Hell, even got me to root for Tennessee from time to time when they're playing football.
No real stories to add to the tale today, thank God, just a bunch of nice fish in the net and lots of laughs.   Fish were eating worms done there today and rumors of a tree blocking the way maybe true, if you're wondering.

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