Saturday, July 21, 2012


Saturdays are always a little sketchy this time of year. Have to leave early and hideout from the world. Drove way the hell down the Yellowstone today...actually not that far, but more far than close. Big Timber to be exact, was going to go down further but we were running a little late and I didn't want to be surrounded by honkies on jet skis all anyway.

The fishing was slow most of the day, had an hour or so of a good bite on hoppers, but nymphing was marginal at best. There are still some Sallies and PMD's around and Tricos are starting too. Banks are covered with golden stone nymph shucks and the water is in good shape, just a bit of color which should have made for some ez nymphing. I guess catching a dozen or so fish on hoppers isn't so bad, just would have expected to hammer them on nymphs and dead drifted streamers this am.

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