Monday, July 23, 2012


An interesting day today on the lower Yellowstone that ended up being a good day when it was all said and done. Started off throwing streamers and moved/caught several fish the first couple of miles. Mostly Rainbows, but they were really moving out of fast water to hammer big, articulated, light colored junk, stripped fast. Had a big carp eat an enormous streamer, but he just wasn't there when the guy pulled to set. Too bad as it was all well executed. Ended up dead-drifting buggers and lightning bugs after lunch and we did pretty well. Not much love on hoppers today, but it was cloudy and rainy off and on.
One of those days that was really fun with no one around enough fish activity to keep everyone on their toes just about all day. The head scratcher about down there as of right now for me is the lack of success of the stonefly nymphs. Crap loads of midnight stone shucks on the n=banks everywhere should make for a healthy bite on the stone nymphs, but I am yet to have much of a grab going on any of the standard fare...maybe I should try black and orange tomorrow. Other crazy thing that happened today was a Rainbow spewed eggs all over the boat this morning?

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