Monday, July 09, 2012


All the family has headed home, we wrapped up our move yesterday, the rivers are all clear and the shop has been busy. Back to work I go! I have a tom of days on the oars coming my way from here on through early October and it should be a great summer of fishing.
Of particular interest to me is the lower Yellowstone which should fish much like it usually does...very well...with the difference being that it fishes like it used to fish in July this July rather than August like it did last year. What's that mean? You can probably find a few nice browns to come up and eat a hopper already if you know where to look. Once U August rolls around, there should be some very good Trico fishing as well this year. There may be some floating moss, a few honkies, the odd whitefish, but all in all it's a pretty sweet place to be this summer.
Much better than any of several weed infested glorified irrigation ditches that draw fisherman to them like flies to shit. Dry flies are for summertime and summertime is here.

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Anonymous said...

Toby - Would be interested to hear your thoughts/concerns about water temps. As you're probably aware, the Yellowstone at BT hit 69 yesterday, and will probably go higher today. Seems way too early for such high water temps!