Friday, August 31, 2012

Beetlenuts, Chicken Fights, and Howlies

Been with the same two guys here the last 4 days and one more to go.. We've had a couple good days of catching, a couple of poor days of catching, and 4 days of good fishing so far. Yesterday was a good day on both fronts with lots of laughs being the highlight, and one massive Rainbow that got away. Tenkara Ninja got some fish, even a couple of nice fish in the boat with the Tenkara.

The highlight of the day in terms for fishing was probably landing the decent fishes on the Tenkara. It's always tough to close the deal with the Tenkara from the boat, but it is possible and a 17" Rainbow will wear you out.

These guys are from Hawaii and we had some fun yesterday talking about how to pick the best Rooster when attending a chicken fight in the Philippines. Apparently one of the other big things to do in the Philippines is to suck on some concoction of root, leaves, and ground up coral head, make you higher than a kite and rots your teeth out too. Also, I may have a retirement gig in my future as teaching howlies how to surf.

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