Saturday, September 01, 2012


There are very few things in my life right now that I enjoy more than a late cancellation at this point of the season. Sleeping in and watching pound pups with the little one sounds like a good thing this morning. I love my job, but it's really nice to not be rowing a boat for a couple of days.
Finished up with the Hawaiians yesterday on the Yellowstone down low. We had a sporadic hopper bite and got some fish on rubber legs under a hopper. Probably should have nymphed earlier in the day, but we were going dry and the Tenkara Ninja had that going on.
Most interesting and surprising thing was to see the fish up on Tricos in the morning. We got a few to eat a little black nymph under a dry and missed a few on spinners but I had the feeling that we could have got onto some bigger fish in the skinny water if we could have been able to do some wading for them. That's a reminder that given all other options, tennis shoes aren't the best option!
I've spent many a morning down there over the years looking for big browns eating Tricos in the skinny water but hadn't seen it the last couple of years with the higher water. It's a hatch that many folks around here don't pay much attention too, but is worth a look. Especially given that it goes on over 100 miles of the Yellowstone, so there's plenty of room for everyone. You won't see the massive clouds of spinners like you might see other places, but you will find fish in pods and skinny water. They aren't everywhere either, but I've found it to be pretty reliable from Gray Bear down to Columbus this time of year.

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