Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Weather arrived yesterday but no moisture along with the change in temps and pressure. Fish seemed off a bit, not completely, but more so than the previous few days in that we worked pretty hard to get a fish or two out of a bucket. Instead of getting them out of most buckets, we were getting them out of every second or third. Fish have been eating more little things the last couple of days with small baetis and pseudo nymphs being my best patterns.
Always interesting how quickly things can change up as we head into a new season. Water temps are no longer a concern anywhere around here, but flows are low so that means, more often than not, better drifts, smaller tippet, and more careful approaches to runs and holes.
Not sure what the plan for today is, weighing options, thinking streamers, its cold outside, frost on the yard. A different morning for sure.

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