Thursday, September 20, 2012


Headed west today to the land of fish and mooses aka as the Jefferson. Happy to name the place and hope that you get over there and hammer the fish. I floated from whatever that access is outside of Whitehall down to Cardwell that I usually refer to with a very unPC name that is inappropriate even by my standards. We had a very good bite by Jefferson standards down to Mayflower and then it petered out with the intermittent bite here and there. The morning worm bite was on and purple lightning bugs in the afternoon. Mixed up the weight and leader length a lot. Go get 'em. No Moose.
No bitching today, I once again appreciate the insignificance of my contribution to humanity in my chosen career. I acknowledge, humbly, to the world, that I am one lucky bastard to have spent the better part of my adult life on and in some of the finest rivers and streams on the planet. My days start with the sun creeping its way over the Bridger Mountains, lunches stream side with the sounds and sights of the world that has always been there (mostly), and evenings thinking about where tomorrows lunch will be. And in between all that, I have met some amazing people while never tiring of holding that next trout in my hand.

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