Saturday, October 06, 2012


 Was cold yesterday, one of those days during which I could not have had enough warm clothes. Once again though, it felt great to not be roasting.
Hit the lower Madison pretty hard, to find fish eating worms pretty well. No monsters, but a handful of good Bows, plenty in the 12-16 range and then a bunch of dinks. Did the chuck junk thing in the morning and moved some nice fish but only landed one mid-sized brown.
Had a great time with the guys as we laughed and joked our way down the river catching fish here and there. Reminded me once again that it always starts off with the fishing and catching as the goal but its everything in between that keeps us coming back for more. Things like unimaginable tangles, missed opportunities on a big fish, the giggles that follow a hit of Maker's Mark, trying to light a cigar with a match in a 20 mph breeze, and "the guy" that bought the "fitover Crocs."
Off to the stone today for more adventure and hopefully some more trout too.

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