Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I was cold today, and I'm in Texas, two things that don't often go hand and hand. Finally got on the water after a grueling drive this morning that started over there and ended up here...a distance of 130 miles that took over 3 hours to complete. Granted, part of that delay was due to the fact the the charming town of Blessing, Tx had two gas stations with broken toilets...before we got there.
Made it to the Rockport area, hooked up with the guides and set off for the latest and greatest of a new adventure. Conditions were crap with dirty water, a cool breeze, and a solid gray ceiling casting that all too familiar monolithic sheet of lead sheen across the water. It was very difficult to spot fish and when you are trying to catch fish that you spot...well if you are reading this then you are smart enough to draw you own conclusion. I did get one to the boat, lost a couple that were well hooked. Fished with Steven today and he had some eats but misconnects. They are calling for some sun tomorrow and warmer weather, bot of which should make life easier for all parties involved.
Oh, also saw 5 whooping Cranes today! First for me, would have liked to have had a bigger lens. Also watched honkies run around herding fish with airboats...another first but not quite as memorable.
Today's menu consisted of a couple burritos from Buckees, a sub from Subway, some shrimp appetizer and crab cakes with sweet potato fries for dinner. Beditime.

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