Friday, November 16, 2012


Yesterday was one of the most brutal days of fly-fishing I’ve had in my life! Brutal boat ride to be blown down flat after flat at 30 mph trying to sight fish to fish that you can’t see. Waves big enough that ever smack of the bottom of the boat felt like getting kicked in the nuts. One measly half-hearted eat, $1000, and sore nuts does not make for a good feeling at the end of the day!
So, when we awoke to another day of clouds and wind, the mood amongst the crew was not jovial. However, it was another day on the water, the clouds cleared out, fish were tailing and eating. Amazing how quickly one’s attitude can change with a few tugs. Everyone got some fish today and we got to experience what it is that folks get all jacked up about fishing for Redfish on the Texas coast.
I did manage to fall off the poling platform while John was fighting a fish today. We decided that we’d eat a cabbage jellyfish if stuck on an island. Whataburger should expand north and a McGriddle is a McGriddle everywhere McGriddle’s are served.

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sounds like a run of the mill TSA.