Sunday, November 18, 2012


Made it back to Bozeman this afternoon and getting ready to get back to work tomorrow. The guys and I had a great time, despite a couple of tough days on the water. Fishing is like that, but if you're with the right folks, it's pretty tough to not have a good time. I'm fortunate enough to work with some great guys and I hope to be able to do something like this last week with them every year.
Good people are hard to find and one thing that I have learned the last couple of years is that I have some great people around me. It's easy to find people that know fly fishing, but it's not so easy to find people that know fly-fsihing, are nice to people, are honest and fun to work with. So, as I look forward to Thanksgving this week, right now I'm thankful for having some great dudes to work with and even more fun to go Redfishing with.

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