Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Black Friday, Cyber-Monday, Turkey, Ham, Onion Rings with Green Beans...the holidays are almost here. I'm looking forward to all of it and none of it, all at the same time. Ba Humbug. I'm ready for May and the Missouri and summer fishing from June through September. Winter sucks.
The most exciting thing this week was the arrival of the new Helios 2 rods. They definitely rock, here's a little review that I put up on the shop blog a couple of days ago, so check it out. I've been a big believer in the Helios since day one and I have to say that these are even better. I've got a ton of days on the 9.5' 6 and 9' 5 and so do many of my clients. The rods are light, accurate, powerful, and stimulating to the eye. Here's a more detailed account of the straight poop.

They are finally here! We’ve been heavily involved with the testing of the latest high performance lineup of fly rods from Orvis since early 2012. What started off as a great feeling rod with some quirky looks has resulted in the best all around fly rod we’ve ever fished. We’ve fished for everything from Tarpon to Trout with the new H2’s and have walked away with the opinion that these are as good as it gets. Come wiggle one in the shop and take a few test casts for yourself, they are amazing rods.The H2 is not like any other rod Orvis has ever made, it is better! They’ve down some small things like refining the tapers and making them look amazing from the finish to the reel seats, but the real meat lies in how the blanks are built. The graphite is now laid in the direction of the blank instead of being rolled or wrapped, resulting in more precise casting, increased durability, and an overall lighter feel in hand. In addition, there is a new layer of material in the tip sections that has substantially increased the impact resistance in the tip sections.
What does all this mean in to the world of the “practical” angler? For starters it means that the new H2 rods cast like a dream at a wide range of distances. They feel lighter in hand which adds to accuracy in terms of fly placement as well as the timing of the casting stroke. They are going to hold up better than any rod you’ve ever used before when it comes to the “cone head whack” and “split shot slap.”The rave reviews and awards are starting to pile up from the fly fishing industry insiders and outsiders alike. Although these are always good P.R., nothing compares to personal experience through months on the water, in boats, and hooked up with fish of all sorts. That’s where are endorsement of the rods are coming from! We’ve beat them up, fished them ourselves, and watched novice anglers become better anglers using these rods on our guided trips. If you are looking for a new fly rod anytime soon, you owe it to yourself to step out of the mold or rods from other manufacturers and give the H2 an honest appraisal! They are that good and you won’t be disappointed!

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