Saturday, July 13, 2013


Did some crazy shop time today answering questions about everything from gator hunting in LA. to the likelihood of catching lightning bugs along the Gallatin this evening. The epic annual Yellowstone Boat float shit show is apparently around Otter Creek tonight and will be shooting for Reedpoint tomorrow...probably a good idea to stay up from Big Timber for a day or two. I only made that mistake once and it was indeed a mistake.
Every year there is this epic gathering of honkies for a few days of floating, jet boating, jet skiing, motor boating, and general drunkenness that descend on the lower Yellowstone for a float from 89-Laurel. It is kind of like Rocking the Rockies without a band, fence, or port-a-potties.
The time I got caught in it was simply mind blowing. Old ladies showing us their boobs, farmers floating in horse troughs, Malibu ski boats, jet skis, and people just floating on throwables and logs floated by us for about 6 hours. It's only gotten bigger since that fateful day 12-13 years ago so I would avoid it like the plague unless you want to see some saggy boobs and what the Dukes of Hazzard would have looked like if they had a badass boat instead of the General Lee.

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