Sunday, July 14, 2013


Ever wonder what freedom feels like? Watching the sun come up while driving east and looking up into Paradise Valley as the God beams cut through the morning haze is just a taste. Being the first boat down is pretty cool too. Had fish eating little dries, big dries, droppers, and nymphs all day on some scenery I haven't seen in a couple of years just added value to the day. Oh hell, we fished the Boulder which isnt quite the little scret it used to be anymore, but it was pretty sweet today. I almost stepped on a 5' bull snake along the bank too.
What else happened?  Was there a little TSA action? Oh yeah. I was able to provide assertive direction as to the casting style and fly location from start to finish, fortunately it didn't really matter too much. I may have also launched my first actual paying customer in 14 years as well. I've sunk boats, broken rods, lost wheels on trailers, but have never actually caused someone to I can say I have done that to someone besides my wife. No worries, just a broken rod, some bumps and bruises, and a lifetime of stories created from that one. Little spooky for a second.
I'm feeling frisky, maybe doing something stupid tomorrow...will use my best judgement and then run it by Ben,

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