Friday, September 27, 2013


I woke up around 6 this morning, took one look out the window and rolled back over for some more shuteye as there was a heavy frost on the truck and boat. A perfect morning for some early detours as we made our way to the Blackfoot with some coffee here, a search for a beanie there, and a casual cruise through Ovando in the fog. I did not expect to find half a dozen rigs putting in at river junction but that is what I found and there were more on the way.
We pushed through much of the water trying to get away from the boats, but we kept hooking fish which made for a slow go at times. The good thing about fishing rivers when they are really low is that it's pretty easy to figure out where the fish are. We had them eating zonkers pretty well all day long, in fact we pulled up to the takeout with the same zonker we started the day off with and I never took it off. Hoping for more fish with the same attitude tomorrow on the Bitterroot. The weather is miserable, but perfect fall conditions if you ask me.

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