Friday, March 28, 2014


The week has flown by with most of my emphasis continuing to be working on the shop. I am yet to delve back into the database hell, but that looks like a fun activity for next week as we get ready to move into the final stages of getting the e-comm site up.
The last two weeks has been all about flies. I was able to buy some used fly bin fixtures last fall from a fly shop that went out of business. Sounded simple at the time and they sat in storage until we could get to them. Well, it turned out that I had come up with a new layout for each and every pattern to make it all fit in the new bins…that took over a week. But, we should be wrapping up the last part today and life will be back to normal with new for us fly bins.
I almost had a seizure yesterday when we tried to remove the old fly bins from the shop, only to find out that they are 1/2" wider than the doors in the shop. I'm not much of a handy man, I work best with hammers and axes. So, now we have 3 giant empty bins in the middle of the who and the new bins being filled. We are planning on taking out the door jam early tomorrow…might be worth getting up early and shooting a video of if you are around!

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John T said...

Only you Toby, only you … ! J.