Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Home tonight, which is always a good thing these days. The Mo was alright yesterday and very good today. Strange how Craig transformed into an all out zoo this morning with the arrival of some nice weather…it had been quiet the last few days.
The fishing? Nymphing with wire wrapped around a Mustad hook followed by anyone of several pink concoctions (Amex was my best pink fly) with a BB about 2' above the worm which was about 7' below an indicator. The water is high, but not crazy high. Fish are easily caught on the inside of seams but also hugging banks which calls for some trickery to get to…I prefer the easy way as did my clients thankfully. Did better in the afternoons with a black beaded PT in size 18 instead of the pinkness…notably better.
The experience? Great time with some great folks. My wife bought me a digital polaroid camera for Christmas, so I had fun taking pictures of people with fish and then giving them a print of it on the spot. My elbow rocks, no pain…I am a rock…ok…maybe more like a very ripe Grapefruit.

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