Wednesday, May 14, 2014


What an awesome day here in the Bozone! Looks like the weather should be really nice for the foreseeable future which translates into some dirty water for awhile. Currently, everything seems to be in great shape…but that should change by tomorrow as flows are coming up.
The third Saturday in May is this one and I was faced with a difficult, yet simple decision. This looked like the first time in a long time that I would be able to go join the masses for the Beaverhead opener…yes that is this weekend. Getting up at 1:00 and hogging a hole for 9 hours was on tap for me. I miss those days and would love almost nothing more than staring at the pump house all day, acting as if the 30 yards of river is mine mine mine. Eggs, sow bugs, little green things oh my.
But, it's also my 7 year old son's second flag football game and the Beaverhead will still be there next year but my 7 year old will be 8. So, I'll watch the game and think of the good ol' days instead of trying to relive them.
If you are in the pump hole this Saturday…stick one extra hard for me please!

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