Friday, May 16, 2014


Chasing rabbits down the digital rabbit hole the last couple of days has been awesome. We have an absolute shit ton of flies in stock right now…spent the last two days trying to get them into inventory and into the bins. The e-commerce site is up and running, yet everyday reveals more imperfections. I wish I could say I don't give a &*%# about it, but I do and it is conundrum.
Looking forward to getting back up to the MO and focusing more on fish and bugs than all this other junk. Sounds like things are fishing well around here, a buddy of Ben's got a biggie on the Yellowstone yesterday, and the bite on the lower was good today. The Beav would be nice in a few hours, sleep will be better.
Best new flies in our bins? Actually, the best ones aren't in our bins but hiding someplace that we'll never sell them. But, in looking at all the patterns, the best new ones in our bins that I've seen would be Steven's version of the Double Gonga in White. That gets me thinking on the fact that the Tan/Yellow Gongas are so far from ever being available that it would be best to forget it exists. Oh Snap! Steven tied me up some last week and they are BadAss and MINE. I like the Tungsten Death Metal from MFC a lot right now. The lucent bead ray charles' are pretty sexy in pink. We got some very nice parachute PMD's in, not that PMDs are in style yet…maybe next weekend on the Firehole though…BWO's and March Browns too.  A new and improved version of the PT is looking very nice too. Just having bins with bugs in them is pretty cool right now!

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