Saturday, May 17, 2014


I first heard of Golden Dorado about 20 years ago from the old owners of Westbank Angler in Dallas. Neither the owners nor the store are in the industry now BTW. Anyway, David was talking about going for these fish in South America that were just crazy, aggressive, and acrobatic too. I never dreamed that I would actually have the chance to catch them or even go fishing in South America at the time, but the idea was planted.
I had the chance to go bird hunting in Argentina several years ago, someplace north of BA. We duck hunted in the morning and fished for Dorado once or twice during the day. The weather was crappy, but we caught a few in the 3-5 puns range and I checked off the list. It was around that time that some guys opened a lodge in Bolivia where Dorado were fished for in small, clear streams. I spent some time talking to a guide that had been one of the first to go into the area on an exploratory trip. Tales of jungle people, pristine waters, and rain forest junk made me think to myself…maybe one day.
So, here I am about a month out from the trip to Tsimane. I am getting jacked to say the least. Not only do I get to go fish an amazing sounding place for some amazing sounding fish, but I get to do it with my dad and a few really close friends too. 
Yeah, its hard to complain about Rabbit Holes and living the dream. This is another one of those once in a lifetime experiences that I am really grateful for. When I got divorced over 10 years ago now, the only fishing destination I had been to was one trip to Pesca Maya in Mexico. After the divorce, the idea that we only get one shot at life hit home for me. Since then, I have been fortunate to travel to a ton of amazing places both here and abroad. I hope that when the show is over, I can go out with the feeling that I lived my life. For me, fishing is a big part of my life and it feels good to be living it, not wishing I was living it.
Thank God for Steven though, because he has become a badass fly tyer plus he never says no! He's been cranking away at these flies that came to me courtesy of Ian Davis from Yellow Dog (an amazing artist BTW). The fish in Bolivia supposedly tear 'em up, and Steven has been filling up the boxes for me and the crew. Lots of crap on a 2/0 hook…awesome sauce!

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