Monday, May 19, 2014


The crowds of the weekend up here in Craig seem to have dispersed today and the river was relatively quiet. The Dearborn is coming up and getting dirtier by the minute, but the lower river is still in good shape. More and more Caddis showing up down that way and a fish or two may have been caught on fires today if not for the intermittent rain and wind. So, nymphing with little bugs was the deal for us, inside out and deep.
I keep expecting to find more fish in the even depth flats but save for the odd one or two, I;m finding most of them in buckets, off shelves, and deep inside bends. Not too bad though at the end of the day as they all pull well and make a splash or two. Clouds are coming in tonight, I could use a partly cloudy day with no wind…but who wouldn't like that?

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