Tuesday, May 20, 2014


One of those days today where I felt more like the nail than the hammer. Fish were eating here and there, but we never got on them real good….would go like this…drift for 100 yards through juicy stuff and get nada…drift another 100 yards, hit one…drift 400 yards nada…row back up 3 times, get one….row a mile…drift 50 yards nada…go another 200 yards…get two. On and on it went with no pattern to it. The weather was epic in a good way and in the end we got enough fish but it was work for me and the anglers to get the ones we did. Weird bugs out this am that looked more like Pseudos than BWO's and then Brown Drakes…yes Brown Drakes…but never enough of a hatch to get the fish off the sow bugs and worms.
I learned about Bear defense and chote and laughed so hard at times that I had those thoughts that this is what is really all about and that the fish are really just the sideshow.
Did a quick float after the day and found it slow there too, got a couple, one on a streamer and the other one was on a wire worm and squirted eggs all over my boat. Joyous events.

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