Wednesday, May 21, 2014


One more day to go up here on the Mo and then it's off to Missoula tomorrow night and up to NW Montana by Friday morning to see my oldest son for the weekend. Trying to line up a day of guided Pike fishing in Couer D' Alene area on Saturday.
Fishing was very good today and I don't know what all was different about it than yesterday except that the fish were eating our junk. Wire worms and caddis pupae in the morning with a transition to a purple lightning bug in the afternoon. Why? I don't know. Today was the first day that I got them good in the random junk water as well as mid-river buckets, plus the inside seams.
The caddis were out and about this morning pretty good, but it seemed to peter out mid-day. I drove down to fish dries this evening but the bugs weren't out and the fish weren't up….I was driving 75 and on the interstate so I could be wrong.
Kinda sad to say goodbye to the ditch for awhile to be honest…but I'm sure that I'll be able to deal with it somehow. WGFF next week…the yellow jersey calls…and my vitamin A is kicking in.

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