Thursday, May 22, 2014


Wrapped up my MO trips for awhile today with some awesome ladies and another great day on the water. The weather was amazing, the elbow is good, and the fish were eating caddis pupae and worms from start to finish. Even landed one that was pushing 21" on my 5 year old wally world cooler.
This week was really special for me as I had the chance to fish with some ladies that I've been fishing with for several years now. It always seems like we have great fishing together, but it's the pure joy of the experience that makes me jealous of them. Every drift is full of hope and every fish brings smiles and laughs. 
I can get a little "surly" at times, if you hadn't noticed. I get caught up in the boat race, the sneaking around, the misdirection necessary to be a real angler, and the competitive need to win at just about everything I do…at times. Watching and fishing with the ladies this week really brought home to me the reality that fishing with a guide really is fun and I'm very fortunate to get the opportunity to take all these people out throughout the year and share some of the best days of their year with them. It's easy for me to take being on the water for granted, so thank you to the ladies for reminding me of how awesome this sport is and how awesome is to be with people in such beautiful places, doing the one thing in life I am truly good at…being a fly fishing guide in Montana. 
Honestly, I'm a better guide than angler Mr. 50G…but I'm a damn good angler too. WGFF coming soon.

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