Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Worked on the lower Madison today as we got started a little later and this was the first day of 6 with these guys, so start off easy and work it up from there. By easy, I mean pace not fishing necessarily. Turned out that the fish were eating well, not many others had the same idea, and the weather was great. We just fished crawdads and lighting bugs from ramp to ramp and had a steady bite all day, granted they were mostly smallish, but there were a lot of them and they ate frequently. Did lose one fish that might have been something pretty nice, but most were Rainbows between 10-14 inches. Water is getting warm, weeds weren't too bad, clouds in the afternoon made it all seem right. They probably would have eaten some dries, but its hard to take a crawdad off when they're eating it.
Had some other interesting thoughts, and experiences today as well, but as I am on a kinder, gentler path…I'll just keep them to myself. Not things about the day on the water, more things about some sights at Black's Ford, in the shop, and the slippery slope of FWP and the Madison River. Little bit of honey, little bit of money…all in one day.
Also, I really like my new RO Deville with the Nomad package. RO's sweet like all Devilles, and I have vast amounts of empty space that I hope to replace all boat bags in my future. I like the way the bow of the boat is pointy rather than stubby, cuts through the wind and enables me to go over waves with no fear. The floor flexes so the boat slides and glides over skinny stuff and big boulders one shouldn't hit…BUT just in case I hit 'em…the boat flexes. What else rocks about RO dirftboats? They are made in Bozeman, Robert Eddins was a good fishing guide at some point so one could say that the boats are designed and built for fishing guides by fishing guides, and if you are in a pinch and ask nicely…they'll always do their best to take care of you and make it right.

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