Monday, July 14, 2014


Fished the upper today from Palisades to Story Ditch. Report? Good until noonish and then the trout quit grabbing our stuff and the whitey's took their place. The good part was sculpins and little green machines fished near the bank, good fish eating in skinny water, a couple grabs in the middle. More bugs started and probably should have switched to dries, but the guys would have had a hard time seeing the little bit ties that fish were eating. Had a hunch that we could get them off the rocks so did some anchoring up and working boulders with little nymph rigs and a lot of weight. Fish ate that rig good, but we had a hard time getting them to the boat while anchored. Switche dot mid river rubber legs and yellow sally nymph and started getting a bunch of whitefish. I decided that I would prefer to tie 6 new double rigs than catch another whitefish.
I'm going to Orlando tomorrow to check out the latest and greatest in the fly fishing and conventional tackle world. The show is called ICAST and I would be excited if not for the fact that it's in Orlando and I leave tomorrow and come home Thursday morning.

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