Saturday, July 19, 2014


Lower Yellowstone today was very good, despite a heavy wind from the west. Zonkers and rubber legs with some weight, fished through the skinny stuff and backside buckets. Really good.
What else can I say? Forgot my gloves and between the flows and the wind, about ripped my hands apart. Water is in great shape right now and I think we probably could have got some fish on dries. as they are in the skinny stuff and hungry right now. No other drama, sleepy time my way.
The outside of the shop is being painted right now, so when you see the great big green thing out there…remember…you hits to cut loos with chartreuse…it will look good when it's done but right now it kind of looks like a HQ for grey market Kawasaki's.

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Montana Troutwranglers said...

Gloves are for pussy's. Calluses are the working man's calling card.