Saturday, December 27, 2014


Quiet times in the fly shop right now with winter settling back into the Bozone. It's  a good week or two to think more about hitting the slopes than the lower Madison. I've been wrapping up all of my end of year outfitting paperwork, reporting, etc. Almost done with that, just need to write a check and hit the mailbox. Feels good to not feel overwhelmed with things to get done by the Holidays right now!
Looking forward to doing some road trips in January, lots of blogging about a little bit of fishing. I think most of my blog-laziness over the last year has had more to do with too much IT in my life everyday. I've slowed way down on photography, hardly ever respond to email, and have come to despise anything that has an xls followed by a period. The constant presence of backlit screens has made me loathe the computer which in turn has led to a year or so of pent up Tobyisms, rants, and ambient induced wanderings. Hopefully I am over the digital hump and can get back to doing more of what I like to do than what I should do. After all, when it's all said and done, am I going to wish that I did more shit that I should have done or be thankful for the stuff I did do? There's a lifetime of shoulds and needs out there that someone else can do…I'll try to stick to what I'm best at…bitching about the way you do the things you do from a slightly aloof viewpoint friarly cemented in the convenient place of being deceptively non-committal on my end.

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