Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Not missing much right now in terms of excitement and insight into the life and mind of Toby these days. The weather has been stupid nice and life in the fly shop has become more normal for the time being. By normal, I mean that my days are not filled with digital angst. I've actually had some time and desire to talk to people about fishing the Gallatin and Lower Madison in the shop the last few days. Still spend more time holed up in the back working on junk, but at least it doesn't seem like I'm staring up at the mountain top anymore.
Although the weather has been nice and unseasonably warm, I still hold out hope for good water conditions this summer. The snow pack is holding steady enough in the headwaters and upper valleys. However, it is pretty much gone from the lower elevation stuff. So, hopefully the mountains continue to pick up some moisture and we get a fews heavy dumps down low with some rain in April and the days  in May that I am not guiding on the Missouri. My gut tells me that we are going to be sitting fine for the summer at this point.

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