Thursday, March 26, 2015


Another glorious day of quietness and back room isolation at Fins & Feathers of Bozeman…fly shop and guide service. Nothing like a little SEO love every once in awhile. Know what SEO is? Never thought I wold either.
Never ceases to amaze me at the minuscule differences in fly tying materials that people desire. The more we order and carry, the more people come in hoping to find that material that just doesn't exist. I spend hours, every week, combing through catalogs as I prepare orders to get more stuff in. It never ends.
If it were up to me…and we could succeed this way…I would carry everything every made…in white and a bunch of sharpies…maybe some glitter pens too.
I have been having a man crush on the Sage multi-rod holder the last few days. Holds a bunch of rods, fits in my RO Deville Nomad side compartment and has a strap that even a simpleton from Virginia could figure out. One things that everyone needs even though you might not know it.

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