Friday, March 27, 2015


Freaky nice weather made me glad that I'm not a trout living near Axtell Bridge! There are plenty of places that I'd live if I were a trout, but living under Axtell Bridge must be like living in the Towers of Wire fame for trout. Days like today…not a good day to be a trout within a couple miles of Bozeman.
Good day to be in the shop though, pondering the randomness of fly merchandising and talking some smack with folks.
Yesterday, had a call from a Colorado cell phone (being from Texas…I tend to judge Colorado phone numbers with trepidation…another story that involves Crested Butte, Galaga, and Moonboots) with a guy on the other end asking for fishing recommendations. I asked him if he would like me to hold his hand. We then went on to talk about what he really meant when he said he wanted to fish a "technical small water." I think he meant somewhere near a dam below a reservoir with Mysis shrimp. We agreed that he should try his luck on the Gallatin…near Axtell Bridge.
Today, big talker came in asking whether or not I have heard of anyone catching Brown Trout. He only likes to catch Brown Trout. I told him that yes I had heard of people catching Brown Trout. We left it at that.
Everyday has a story, I'll have another one tomorrow…maybe two.

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