Saturday, May 30, 2015


The weekend is here again…already… and almost gone. Spent the week getting caught up in the shop and enjoying some nights in my own bed, nestled away as my ambien lulls me into the land of milk and honey. I have to admit that I am truly thankful to be back on the vapor crack…I was lying to myself those three months…I have so much more alacrity when it comes to evaluating life and the heavens with nicotine and sleeping pills.
What did I learn this week in the shop you ask? That my employees know how to run the business much better than I do. It takes about a month to get a toll-free phone number transferred between carriers. We have a lot of sunglasses and reels in the shop. Cable internet is much better than DSL.
I have a big couple of weeks coming up with a trip to Idaho for some Patagonia meetings, the kick off of guide season around the Bozone, and the annual Fins & Feather WGFF fish-off on June 9 (shop will be closed JUNE 9!!!!).
Any hope of fishing for me the next few days will be directly related to a lack of rain and willingness of kids to go. Got a bunch of reports form the lower today, sounds like it fished very well today and we had guides out on it yesterday with all good word. Let it rain I say.

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