Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Rounding up a never-ceasing-to amaze me array of junk for a couple days away from home. Heading down to some dealer meetings with Patagonia in the morning, going to fish on our way down there. These meetings are always great as they present a unique opportunity to network with other dealers and to get some personal time with Patagonia mgmt. Looking forward to seeing everyone and checking out the stuff for 2016. That is the only part of this that really sucks…having to order stuff so far ahead of the delivery.
Planning on fishing the Henry's Fork tomorrow afternoon with Steven and Rainman, guessing the big bugs are done and dry fly fishing will be junk. I bet the worm bite is solid though. I guess we shall see when we get there as these afternoon rain showers and storm cells have been making me happy to not be on the water the last week!

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