Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Headed out yesterday into the mythical "wall of water" coming in from the north. Along with the rain came heavy winds and a rapid drop in temperature. The day looked to be doomed on the drive out, but the frontside of the front came and went pretty quickly. WIth the really bad stuff behind us, we set out for a day of fishing streamers in the middle of the conditions in which streamer fishing is meant for. The result was mediocre at best, could have been worse. Skiddish Smolt season.
I was glad to have a day off today as it absolutely poured most of the morning. I was not glad to spend the morning on hold with Century Link and and PayPal too. I powered through it and made it to the pint in the day where I felt like I had been productive.
I was supposed to be on the lower Yellowstone tomorrow, but rains and rising flows resulted in a last minute cancellation. I should go fish the lower for a few hours, but I will go to the shop and peck away at the mountain of crap that I have to get done before mid-October. Who says that I'm not responsible? Too responsible if you asks me.
One product plug is a new rod form Redington that we received a month or so ago. Honestly, I just ordered them to fill in a few temporary gaps. It's called the Hydrogen and it actually feels really amazing for the $300 price tag when compared to the Echo 3 or the Sage Approach. Super lightweight, single foot guides and a crazy looking reel seat. Might be something to it...

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