Friday, November 06, 2015


In case you are wondering...made it to Manaus, Brazil very late last night or actually this morning. Had the typical flight delays leaving Dallas which resulted in a narrow window to make our connection in Miami. That flight was also delayed and by ended up making it with time to spare. Luggage not so much, hopefully it arrives tonight
Mostly lounging in the hotel today and getting pretty bored with no e-cig juice. May go down the lucky strike road here very quickly.
Dad and I did go to the infamous Fish Market this morning and I guess I could say it was mind blowing, but it was really just a hot, fish market. Lots of fish though, a few I recognized and many that I didn't. The city is located near the confluence of the Rio Negro and the Amazon Rivers. I have no idea which is which, but the rivers that I have seen are enormous, hard to imagine that they are actually rivers they are so wide. Other than the luggage thing, all is well wherever the hell I am.
We head out tomorrow for Rio Marie which is 500 miles away from here. Small plane for a few hours and then small boat for several hours. I always seem to be able to find an adventure...

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